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El Vez: A Taste of Mexico in Center City February 1, 2012

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Fresh guacamole and one of the city’s best margaritas? Yes, please!

El Vez, 121 S. 13th St., offers diners a unique dining experience that only local restaurateur Stephen Starr could pull off. From the food to the decor, El Vez transports guests into a world of Mexican cuisine.

For starters, this Mexican eatery offers seven different guac options. Seven! All made fresh and served in a traditional molcajete or as a sampler platter.

When it comes to the main course, the portions are just right. Be sure to pick up a few of the side options to spice up your meal. I recommend the grilled corn on the cob with lime and queso fresco or the creamy poblano corn rice. Yum!

So, go and explore! The food’s great and the drinks are too. Plus, the guest service at the Center City establishment is beyond extraordinary.

Oh, El Vez also offers a photo booth! Three bucks to get some a strip of retro, black-and-white photos. Over the weekend, a group of friends and family went for Abby’s Birthday and the waitstaff offered to have the photo booth images screen printed onto an El Vez t-shirt. How cool?


A Healthy Option In The Spirit of Finals December 14, 2011

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In the spirit of finals, take some time to enjoy a news package I created as a final project for a TV News Reporting class at Temple.

Nearly 70 percent of children are obese in Philadelphia, according to the city’s health department, and some say limited access to healthy food options is to blame. The city’s over 2,000 corner stores provide kids with easy access to calorie-packed junk foods.

Watch to find out what’s being done to provide fresher and healthier choices to the shelves of area convenience stores.

Forget the ‘Freshman 15,’ More Like ‘Freshman 3,’ Study Says November 3, 2011

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Roll it…The list of  high-calorie foods served up on college campuses everywhere that allegedly contribute to the infamous “Freshman 15.” From beer kegs to fast-food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, college students face a big hurdle when it comes to eating outside the comfort of their own home.

A new study shows that college students might not tip the scales as much as we used to think. The study, conducted by researchers at Ohio State University, says first year students expand their waistlines between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds, not the stereotypical 15 pounds. This gain amounts to a half pound more than young adults not enrolled in college, according to the study.

The study did find one group of students who gained more weight than just by eating fried wings and pizza: heavy drinkers. Even then, the weight gain amouted to less than one pound.

Researchers studied 7,418 participants from 1997 to 2011. The team investigated all aspects of college inlcuding: full-time and part-time students, living on or off campus, and years of study.

Owls On The Town In Old City March 20, 2011

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Fellow Owls and Friends (L-R) Aaron, Vinnie, and Matt share a cheers at Bridget Foy's.

The Owls joined together for a night on the town and for some good eats over the weekend!

Saturday evening a group of Owl Ambassadors celebrated a colleague’s birthday and fun-filled semester at one of Old City’s dining hot spots, Bridget Foy’s, 200 South St, Philadelphia.

Five Pounds of Philly Goodness July 16, 2010

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Every city has their staple food items. Philly’s just happen to be: soft pretzels, cheesesteaks, Tastykakes, and Peanut Chews (some of the best stuff around).

Well, for those of you craving all four in one sitting, Jake’s Sandwich Board at 12th and Samson Streets introduced “The Jake’s 5 Pound Philly Challenge.”

According to their website, the belly-buster challenge consists of a two-foot, three pound sandwich (steak, pork, brisket, or all three),  four soft pretzels, a box of either Krimpets or Kandy Kakes (that’s 24 if you do the math), 24 Peanut Chews, and a Champ Cherry soda!


Did I mention it’s $35? Ah, there’s a catch though. It’s f-r-e-e if you can finish it all in 45 minutes and you get your snapshot plastered on the wall.

Hey, where’s the Rita’s Italian Ice?